There's poetry in pictures and powerful stories in visual essays that present themselves all around us. In Photochronicles we intend to photograph everything of interest and present these photographs to you as a poetic visual essay. My name is Mike Fernandes. My son Ben and I are both photographers and photographic directors. We have what we describe as a passion (some others may call it a mania!) to find history, beauty and stories in some of the most unusual places. Sometimes an old rusty bolt can tell more of a story than a lengthy dissertation so its the old bolt that gets our attention. Cemeteries are more than just of photographic interest to us. We fossic around and ask locals and wander through the lives of those who have gone before until we find a myriad of fascinating stories that we can present as stunning images. We always treat each story with respect regardless of the circumstances within which the people would have lived their lives. Some of the poorest present the most poignant images and some of history's icons are, in death, the subjects of amazing asides. And then there are the ghost stories! What's a good photographic adventure without ghost stories. Look hard - You WILL find them! Above all, we hope we can bring you little bits of this beautiful world to inspire you to do what we do - Enjoy!
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